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The Cadogan Group is a vertically integrated global project finance firm that operates in traditional and underserved markets. We find innovative solutions for infrastructure owners, government agencies, and developers of other capital-intensive projects by delivering strategic consulting, credit structuring, and asset management services. The Cadogan Group has its core operations in Barcelona, Dublin, Luxembourg, and Zurich.

Our Services

Securitization – Our global team of experts can analyze whether a project is a suitable candidate for securitization based on the underlying assets, the jurisdiction in which the project is located and the appetite of the investor to utilize such a structure.

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Structured Finance – We offer structured financing solutions developed specially for the financing needs of our clients.

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Asset Management – We facilitate classic value investments and continually are on the lookout for undervalued investments.

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Consulting – As the consulting arm of the Cadogan Group, Cadogan Consulting takes a holistic approach in evaluating the needs of our clients and recommending alternatives that make sense.

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