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Asset Management

Intro  –

 Cadogan Swiss Trust is the asset management arm of the Cadogan Group.

What Sets Us Apart


We encourage an active exchange of opinions with our customers.

Focus on Results

Our work is clearly focused on investment results taking into account the customers’ needs and preferences. We do not sell products, we provide solutions


Our organization enables us to take advantage of opportunities in financial markets quickly and in an unconventional way.

Transparency and Communication

Our prices are transparent and free of hidden fees. Our market knowledge enables us to soberly evaluate the services of the depositary banks and negotiate attractive terms.


We exclusively represent the interests of our customers. With us, investment decisions and customers are not exposed to a conflict of interest between shareholder, management and bank.

Asset Management Services

We offer investment concepts in the following areas:

  • Fixed income strategies
  • Equity and growth strategies
  • Special projects and theme-based investment strategies

We are classic value investors who are continually on the lookout for undervalued investments. Macroeconomic aspects are incorporated into the evaluation of the various asset classes. We focus on transparent, cost-efficient and liquid investments in equities and bonds.

It doesn’t matter how new an idea is; what matters is how new it becomes.

Elias Cantetti

Family Office Services

We offer Family Office Services in the following areas:

Comprehensive investment advisory


Tax advice and succession planning


Private office management

Consulting services (trustee mandates, investment committee consulting, etc.)

Investment advice

We attach importance to an active exchange of opinions, present investment ideas and discuss these with you. Cadogan Swiss Trust supports you in the selection of investments and can check for professional implementation upon request.

Other Services


Action is the foundational key to all success. Pablo Picasso...


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Structured Finance

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